Monday, October 20, 2014

El Campo Misional

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for the support. I have the best friends and family in the world!

Soooooo second week in Paraguay was just as good, if not better than the last! I love it down here. Other than the overbearing heat, and the fact that we have to walk around in it all day, it's so fun! The people are seriously so amazing. Everyone is super nice!! Everybody waves, and says Hi, and maybe it's because I stick out like crazy, but nonetheless it's so awesome! haha So yeah, the weather here is nuts. Everday this week has been way hot. I'm always sweating like crazy! It's not helping me with this whole 'I really need to gain weight' thing. And yesterday, we were walking home from church, in 90 degree weather, humid as heck, with blue skies, and it just starts pouring rain! It was the strangest thing haha And it only made it hotter! It's not like a cooling rain back home, it was like a choking humid/hot rain! Luckily we only had a block or two left to walk, so we made it back to the apartment before it got too bad. But yeah, the people here are too nice and sweet! But yeah, so back to how super awesome the people are. This week, we did a service project for a family who literally lives in the jungle. Their house has dirt floors, and made out of branches and scrap metal. We installed electricity for them! They are inactive members, which he have more than enough of. But the father loaned me his shirt, so I didn't have to work in my church shirt. He literally gave me the shirt off of his back! I tried to refuse so much, but he kept insisting, so I put his on. But seriously, it was so mind opening! They invited us to dinner the next day, and fixed us a super nice meal. I'm sure it was a huge sacrifice for them! They even attended church on Sunday, which was the first time in about a year! We eat well here, and have a dinner/lunch appointment about every other day with members and nonmebers. My comp is from Peru, and is a great cook! Whatever we eat has rice to go with it. Usually, it's a dish called Sopa Paraguayo, and is a mixture of rice and chicken with seasoning. It's really good! But yeah, so another thing that happened this week, was I had my first BAUTISMO haha It was so awesome. I was SUPER nervous to give the prayer in Spanish, but I prayed before hand that everything would go alright, and it did! The spirit was SO strong during the baptism. I was super worried about pronouncing her name right, (Maria Larissa Insfran Bobadilla) haha But it all went smoothly! The baptism was such a rewarding experience. She was so touched by the spirit, you could jsut tell! Her parents were there, which was HUGE. I hope they were touched! We are teaching them this week. Their family is way cool! Whenever we taught Larissa (The girl we baptised, her parents would come talk and hang out with us. The Dad is even coming to play soccer at the church this Wednesday! I will for sure keep you updated. But so far so good here in Paraguay! I'm just now starting to tell the difference between Guarani and Spanish haha But it's getting better! The spanish here is tough haha They speak in what's called Castellano, (Not sure if that's how it's spelled) but yeah, it's really difficult to discern what they are saying. I'm starting to be able to piece together conversations though! I am able to communicate really well with my comp. We never have much of an issue! But that's because I can understand his accent. Anyways, Thanks again for the love and support! I love you guys. I'm missin that crisp clean rocky mountain air! haha Until next week

Elder Horton
Straight outta da font

Celebration dinner with Larissa and family!

Pre-Bautismo with the fam and ward members! 

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