Monday, October 6, 2014

Hola Everyone! 

I'm flying out tomorrow morning at 4! I seriously can't wait. Wow. I'm headed out to the field! What did you guys think about conference?! I loved it so much! Wow, having Conference while your on your mission is so amazingly spiritual. I learned so much more than I ever have! It gave me that perfect spiritual boost to push me out into my mission. This conference for me, focused on the importance of personal revelation. and how "It's not fun, neither necessary to constantly question and doubt the doctrine of the church" and that "gaining spiritual light is a quest of a lifetime". Just as Joel Kelinger(?) said, you can't expect the world to cheer you on, but nonetheless, we must "Put on a smile, and go to work!" I'm so excited to go preach to people! Just a heads up, from now on, I will be emailing on Mondays. Wish me luck! Thanks for the support. You guys are the greatest! See you next Monday, hopefully with great news about Paraguay! hahaElder Horton

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