Monday, January 11, 2016


Just to let everyone know, I am felling 100% better, I woke up Tuesday feeling almost normal, and by Wednesday I had absolutely no side effects. Thanks for your prayers on my behalf, I could feel your love all the way here in Paraguay!

This week was filled with so many blessings... First and foremost, one of my comps that finished his mission in May came and visited me with his parents!! (Elder Cronin) haha He surprised me at our house. He was waiting for us with McFurries and amercan stuff... It was so cool to see him again! haha And kind of weird. It was more weird to see and talk to American parents again! hahaha He then went and visited some of our converts the next day... seriously such a cool and spiritual guy. For sure will be kicking it up at USU together

As far as investigators go... it's been tough lately. This week ws the first time we didn't have an investigator in church in like 2 months... But we will be finding all this week new people to teach. Alsooooo this week is Transfers. Will I leave my area? Hmmmmmm... we will ahve to see..

We did divisiones with the asistents this week... haha That was kind of stressful. But I enjoyed it! ha I don't know why, but I truly enjoyed this last Sunday. I really just felt like I had the spirit with me, and had a great study in Luke 15, and Alma 36-39. Some great scriptures!

Love you guys

Elder Horton

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