Monday, July 6, 2015

Ciao Presidente!

This week, we all got together on Tuesday to say goodbye to our mission president. It was so great! Ate an amazing lunch, and got to see almost all of my old comps, seriously so great to see and talk to them all. They are all some great friends! haha Plus got to talk to the missionaries about my converts in my last area, sounds like they are almost all all doing great! Still don't know anything about the new mission president, except that he is from Uruguay!

The training finishes here in 3 weeks, and then I am going to be leaving this area. It's going to be so tough leaving Posta Leiva, it really is!! It's like pretty much my home, here. All the members are so great, and I have been so blessed with some great converts! Buttttttt that's life. Bleh, I don't even like thinking about it!!

Celebrated the 4th with a nice burger, and we retired an american flag that we found in the back of our house that had been destroyed by some latino elders! (I am just assuming) haha Pic attached

The training is going great! I have had a lot of time to study ha. BUT it's paying off with my Guarani! I've got half of the first vision down, a full testimony, and I am now working on saying a prayer! Super fun, and a huge challenge. We have starting playing soccer every night, me and the comp (A ball of tape as the ball, and chairs as the goals) haha Too much fun

Love you guys, hope you all have a great week!!

Elder Horton

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