Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer again?

Hermana Teofila thumbs up!! (al Pelo)
Learned how to ask "can I take a photo with you" in Guarani!
Her daughter and grandson, the grandson is one of my converts!
(humble house in the background)
Family home evening with investigators! THE BEST

Mastered shadow puppetry

Soooooo the super cold streak ended, and now it is super hot. Whattttt?? 

But this week was a great week nonetheless! No baptisms this week, but that's not any indication that it was a fantastic week. For sure we have a baptism this week though! Her name is Sofia, and she's like 50. Super stoked!
Lots of walking this week. We have been working a lot more in a part of our area SUPER far away. Lot's of guarani, and that's were this one member (I think I told you guys about her before) lives. She is an 83 year old super woman. ha. She can't read, or write, but has the strongest testimony that she loves to share with everyone! (In guarani of course) She doesn't understand spanish hardly at all. But I am able to understand and communicate surprisingly well with her! Gift of tongues for surrreeee. Pics attached with her! She is probably the coolest person I have met in my mission. Super humble! She has her endowments and She walks to church too. SO tight! 

Been working a lot with a less active family, getting them activated! The Dad was the branch president, and they have a son who hasn't gotten baptised yet. they have been coming lately though, so it's been way cool to watch that miracle happen with them! In a lesson we had with them on Saturday, the dad told me some of the nicest, must humbling things I have heard in my mission. He just said that he could feel the love, and the spirit so strongly when we are there in his house and talking with his fam, and can tell that e are hard workers! Super huge compliment, gave us a huge daddy hug at the end too. Literally brought tears to my eyes!!

Anyways, that's about it. Love you guys!

Elder Horton

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