Monday, January 5, 2015

Ano Nuevo

HAPPY NEW YEARS WOOOOOO haha New Years as a missionary is spent way differently. not nearly as much partying haha

Soooooo this week! Wasssss too much fun. My new comp is really so great! He is the complete OPPOSITE of my old comp. Not that my old comp wasn't great! haha But Elder Alvarado is toooooo funny. He was way laid back and chill. He reminds me of a latin versión of myself! hahaha He has 6 months in the mish, so we have been learning a ton together. My spanish has picked up a TON this week, I have been feeling a ton more confident in it. We are both new, so neither of us knows Guarani very well, so we practice while we walk. My comp is learning English too, so we are always practicing! It´s tough to be walking, and talking in English or Guarani, and then swithc over in Spanish to contact someone haha It usually ends up with me speaking half Spanish hallk English and half Guarani and the person almost always ends up being way too confused hahaha Gossshhhhh Guarani is too tough! But I want to learn it too badly. Slow but steady it will come!

In our área, there is a random japanese house, that I have ALWAYS wanted to go and visit. It's gigantic, and sits up on htis hill looking out over Ita. Yesterday, we were teaching some people who lived by the house, and we decided to take a quick Little hike to go check it out. It ended up taking about an hour to get there, and we had to cross a few farms, hop a few fences, and walk the the jungle, but we made it to the house! haha (Pics attached hopefully)

Have you have not slept, because you have been so anxious to see if someone ends up coming to church?? Haha Welcome to my LIFE! We worked SO hard this week, and it really was too much fun. We have found a bunch of new investigadores and I'm too excited too keep teaching them. The misión is the best! I never thought I could have so much fun just teaching people. It's too exciting! Every day is a new adventure out here. I can't wait to keep working even hareder this week!

Love you guys! Hope you are enjoying that fresh Powder up there for me! Paraguay is TOO hot right now. My comp told me something that really made me laugh hahaha This week we were walking, and it was TOO hot, like 115 degrees. He turned to me, with sweat dripping down his forehead and said ¨¨I think God sent me here to Paraguay to suffer for all of my sins¨¨ HAHAHAHA I laughed TOO hard. Anyways, Love you guys!

Elder Horton

Casa Japonesa

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