Monday, January 26, 2015

Horse Meat Sandwiches and Ka'i

This week was.... awesome! haha It really was so much better. Lots of weird stuff happened! Escuchen un poco: Doing our contacts one day, we started talking with a guy who had killed people before, and told us he is planning on doing it again. Worked in drugs too! Went to prison, and really enjoyed it there. Yeeeahhhhh we got out of there as soon as possible! haha This week I also got my ear bitten by a monkey... Picture to follow next week! Aaaaaaand yesterday, we were in a lesson with a less active member and his wife, when their neighbor walked over, and asked us if we wanted "Carne de Caballo" I seriously laughed! haha I thought he was kidding, but nahhhhh! Soooo we bought some, and made ourselves a horse meat and mayo sandwhich mhhhhmmmm! Demasiado Rico! Delicious! haha It really was though. 

We've FINALLY got another baptism this week! Here name is Katia, she is 11 years old, and super awesome. Her dad is a less active member, who is really interesting. He was a member living in Argentina with his family, when he started getting in with the drug industry. got in trouble with the gangs down there, and they lit his house on fire, almost killing him and his family. They lost everything, and moved back up to Paraguay to live with their mom! He feels like God abandoned him in this time of his life, which we tried to explain to him that he didn't but he didn't want to listen to us! He plans on returning back to argentina to get back at the gangs for almost killing his family. He is so filled with a burning hatred for god and everyone in general! We are still working with him and teaching him some stuff, but what would you guys teach him in this situation? Him and his wife are actually really cool haha We had lunch with them and their family yesterday, and they seriously are way awesome! Really humble and funny haha 

We lost a golden investigator this week! His name is Miguel, and he is the coolest most humble and smart guy ever. He has a fmaily, but was separated from his wife! He was going to be baptised this Saturday, but called us and told us to come over and talk with him. He explained to us that he was getting back with his wife, and that his wife doesn't like the mormon missionaries. He explained to us that he knows our church is true, and really was going to get baptised, but that putting his family back together comes first. It was sad walking away from our last meeting with him, because he really was so awesome! Way friendly and always laughing. Buttttt In his situation, it felt right leaving him to put his family back together. He promised us he would get back in contact with the missionaries after he gets his life back in order! My first goodbye with someone that I got to know really well here in the mission field! It was kinda sad, but good at the same time. 

Thanks for the love and support! You guys are the best

Elder Horton

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