Monday, December 29, 2014

Feliz Navidad

The baptism of Librada! (Last week)
Cocodrilo, jekar'a, whatever it is, there's a million of them and there is a lake in the middle of town where everybody goes to feed them (Similar to a duck pond) 

Play timmeeeee

Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying the nice weather up there! Hit 48 degrees celsius on christmas hahaha (about 110ish) 

The Navidad was good this year! We had to spend it in our house because it's a bit dangerous to leave during the day. Sooooo lasying on my bed, nothing to do but think about blessed christmas in the United States was not the ideal way to spend it! haha But Skyping the fam sure helped. We had the activity of christmas in Ita this year! (My town) So 250 missionaries all came here to our church and partied it up for a day. It was a blast! We played capture the flag, soccer, volleyball, and ate a bunch of food. Sooooooo yeah well spent. We played so hard in fact, that we were both sick (My comp and I) this week haha Sooooo we have had heardly any time to visit people. We did however, have a baptism this week!! WHOOOOOOO (The pic is of the chicka who got baptised 2 weeks ago) AND.... I have a new comp! We had our changes today, so my old comp left, and I had to go to Asuncion at 3 in the morning to get my new one. He is way cool! His name is Elder Alvarado, and is from Peru. He only has 6 months in the mission haha But I am so stoked to get out and work with him! My old comp was ALWAYS talking about home, and was really getting lazy there at the end. So I'm excited to get out with my new comp and work as hard as we can so I can forget about how great snow is! ha He is 19 years old, and from Peru. Doesn't speak a lick of English! But yeah, that's about all that happened this week. I hope your christmas's were a little more eventfull! 

Love you all, 

Elder Horton

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