Monday, January 12, 2015


This week... Went by too fast. It's been too much fun! It's still absolutley too hot down here, we've been at about 42 degrees Celsius all week. This past Tuesday, it was absolutely TOO hot. Like the hottest it's been all week! We left our house and started walking the our area, are within minutes we were drenched in sweat. We kept on pushing through, and made it to the house of our investigator. We had their lesson, and left to go visit our branch mission leader. On our way to his house, little dark clouds started forming, and within 10 or 15 minutes, the sky was covered with dark clouds. We kept pushing through, not thinking anything of it, when it jsut starts POURING. Like absolutely, POURING haha And then the wind picked up too... and the rain literally started falling sideways haha We started running to find some sort of shelter, when we we saw a family huddled together in a 'Dispensa' or little store. They waved us over, and we took shelter with them. I was thinking to myself "Awesome! This is like one of those stories you read about in Ensign Magazine! We are going to baptise all of them!!" haha So here we were, crammed together in this one room store, with this family that basically is already golden haha We sit down, and start talking with them, and we casually bring up religion. Thennnnn the story goes downhill hahaha The mom whips out her Bible and starts TEARING into us about everything! hahaha She went on for an hour and a half, not pausing to take a breathe, or let us say anything haha So we just had to sit there and take it from this lady, becasue there was no way we were going  to leave her house and go back into the storm hahaha As the rain started to soften up, we politely told her we had to leave, and shook their hands, thanked them for letting us stay with them, and headed back outside. as we were walking away from this little wooden Dispensa, their neighbour called us over, and asked if we had a few minutes to spare. We were thinking to ourselves "Oh crap, here's another crazy catholic about to scream at us for an hour..." haha She called us over, sat us down, and then jsut started crying... She told us how her husband had died this past Christmas in a motorcycle accident, and left her alone with 4 children. We were absolutely thrown off by this! haha We calmed her down, adn then shared with her about The Plan of Salvation. The Plan that God has for each one of us. He loves us all, and has given us his Son, so that we can all live eternally. I have developed such a testimony of this out here in Paraguay. I absolutely know, without a doubt that once we die, which we all will, it won't be the end. We ahve the privelege to spend forever with the thing that makes us all the happiest: Our families. I love you all so much! Thanks for the loving support. Go skiing for me!

Elder Horton

A bit of behind the scenes from last week

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