Monday, December 8, 2014


This week... Was tough! haha Not gonna lie. It started off great! Buttttt then went downhill. Let me back up a bit. Soooo my comp got called as Lider of our District, so we have been traveling almost everyday to do interviews the past few weeks. This, combined with my extra hours of being trained had left us with hardly any time to get out and teach our investigators. Our two baptisms that we were going to have last week BOTH didn`t end up going down. One of them disapeared haha We can`t find here for anything! The other, we aer still having to work with her on a few things, but is going it hopefully be baptised this Saturday! Soooooo it`s been a bit tough. haha Lot`s of walking too! It`s supposed to get super extremely hot this summer, and on wednesday or thursday, we were sitting at 40 degrees celsius in the shade!! It was tough for sure ha And Fast Sunday in the heat is one of the hardest things to go through haha So yeah! That was my weak.

It`s still been fun! (At times) We did some service this week and helped a member fix his motorcycle. It is really intereting how the Lord has prepared me to be exactly what some of these people need. Like the skills I learned from fixing my neighbours Motorcycle, has really been put to use! Because, welllll everyone hs a motorcycle here haha And how I used to always build forts! That has already come in handy too much while helping construct sketchy jungle homes hahaha But that`s something that I`ve noticed a lot lately. Just little things like that! ha

At first, the mission felt like a dream somehow! Like it a numb reality. But with every day, it starts feeling more and more normal, and that my life back home was all just a dream hahaha It`s weird to explain, but that`s just how it is. Honestly, it really has been super tough ha But with all of these challeges, I have learned so much! The language barrier is starting to loosen up, and I am feeling like I can now communicate pretty much everything I want to say. With that abiity has come with a LOT of work! ha There is a girl who arrived here in Paraguay in the same group as me. She is in our district, and has been struggling with her spanish. Our Zone leaders have asked if me and my comp could meet with her and her comp three times a week so I could help her out! That has been a lot of fun actually, I enjoy helping her learn.

So today! Today is December 8th, and is a day of celebration (ish) here in Paraguay. Some holy santo virgin thing for the catholic church is going down in a city next to us, and EVERYONE goes. Businesses close, and the busses are packed to get to this event. It`s loco! Haha It`s like nothing I have every seen before. And all to worship some statue! 

Well family and friends, thanks for the emails! I love you guys a ton. 

Elder Horton

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