Friday, September 26, 2014

Argentina MTC ...

Wow! Thanks guys for all the support. I wish I had more time to write you all! Hopefully I can answer your questions here.

So I have really loved my time here at the MTC! Everything is in Spánish, and I am forced to use it a lot more than if I were to have just gone to Provo. It's run solely by Argentines, and communnicating with the roommates is essential, so what little spanish I know has to be used. I have made a ton of really great friends here! My district especially is awesome. It's been a blast! Just last night, we shaved 'CTR' into the back of some kids leg! hahaha Being in here for 5 weeks drives you insane, i'm telling you. The weather down here is perfect! We are moving right into Summer, so it's 70ish every day, with a slight breeze! It's a little humid, but not too bad. Perfect soccer weather! haha my skills are coming along.... ish! haha It's crazy to think I've only got two weeks left here! It's sad to leave, but honestly I'm glad I get to actually go do stuff. One thing I am going to miss, is waking up every morning to a beautiful sunset over the Argentina Temple! I think most of the time, I am way too tired and delusional to even care, but every once and a while, I really take the time to enjoy it. So yesterday I attempted to only speak spanish all day! It didn't go over so hot haha It's so hard! I made it till about 3 o'clock before my head hurt so much I had to switch over to English. I'm trying again tomorrow, so wish me luck! I need to get used to it here, because in a few weeks, I'm going on a two year 'English Fast'! haha Wow, that's gonna be tough. My spanish isn't too bad, if I do say so myself! I have been working super hard, and I feel like I jsut need to practice my grammar a ton. I talked to an Elder from Paraguay, and he spoke 'Guarani' to us! (The most common language in PAraguay) That is going to be tough haha It sounded like gibberish! haha But I have really noticed the Lord's hand in helping me obtain the gift of tongues so far. We got new roommates a few days ago! The Latinos are here for only 10 days, so every week and a half, they rotate out. Its been awesome getting to know them! We had one latino the other week from Spain! He spoke 5 languages fluently, and 2 languages semi! It was crazy, but everytime he spoke a different language, you would kind of judge him! Like french sounds way smarter than chinese or spanish. Just something interesting I guess! haha 

Proselyting this past week was such a blast! As tough as it was, it is always so rewarding. There wasn't any miracle this week, but we did place a few BOM's, and got some referrals! We contacted 18 people, which was about average for everyone here at the MTC. The people we taught last week texted us and said that they were out of town, but had been contacted by the missionaries, and were meeting this week! That would be way cool to see what happens with them. So I think the first time i went proselyting, I was in crazy culture shock mode! Argentina is actually a really nice place haha I mean yeah, there are trash piles everywhere, and there is no such thing as illegal parking, but other than that it's awesome! The people are way friendly, I mean friendly enough to talk to random foreigners dressed up like FBI agents trying to tell them about Jesus haha And the food here is BOMB! We did get chastized by some old italian sounding guy (A lot of italian spanish in our area) about how god is the sun and the universe and the trees! But that's just going to happen sometimes! I feel like Grandma Horton would love the weather down here! I think Carl and I could for sure convince her to move down here! Other than the garbage everywhere, and untidy streets, she would love it hahaha 

Love you guys! Thanks for all the emails, again. I hope and pray for you guys back there in the good old US of A! 

Elder Horton

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