Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Mish" Second Letter received September 11, 2014

Hola everyone! I appreciate your emails, they really are what gets me through the week. Your words of encouragement mean the world to me! I apologize for the spelling errors, believe it or not, their keyboards here are in Spanish haha (Dang)
So the food here is pretty much amazing. Our cook is Argentine, so for every meal we have something with meat in it, and some bread! Everything we have had has been so tasty. I may finally be gaining some weight!! Butttttt I try not to get my hopes up hahaha There isn't a scale here for me to check it or else I would.
Waking up to the temple every morning is probably one of the best parts of the MTC! The sunrises here are incredible, and I wake up every morning just in time to seee it. We get to go to the temple once a week, on P Days, so I get to go today. It's so amazing! The sessions are all in Spanish, but it's incredible how much you still can learn. The spirit is such an incredible thing! I felt it so strongly last week, going through the temple.
3 times a week, we have something called a Progressive Invetigator, which is a teacher that doesn't know English, and we have to teach them a lesson in Spanish! haha We've been doing that since the Second day we have been here. It's so crazy how much I have already learned in a matter of a few weeks! Like I said in my last letter, my comps are pretty quiet, so it's usually me giving the majority of the lesson! They just almost don't have a desire to teach or help me in any of the lessons, it's been really tough! But at least I am now able to teach the first 3 lessons all in Spanish, bear my testimony, hold conversations, pray, and I have memorized a few scriptures and the majority of the first vision! The lord has really helped me out on all of those, I've been working so hard! And it's weird to say, but I really enjoy working hard and getting results! I have felt super blessed lately. Thanks for all of your prayers! Any suggestions on how to get my comps involved?
The latinos I am serving with here are incredible. They are so funny! haha You know in Despicable ME, how there are those little Minion guys?! Yeah, they remind me exactly of those! Short, speaking gibberish, and they laugh at everything! hahaha They make my day! They are so talented at soccer! It's incredible! I play soccer with them every day during Physical Time! I'm always the goalie or defense because I stink, and lack ability to play soccer haha But anyways, so the other day, one of them had a breakaway, and I was the goalie! He faked a shot one way, but I got lucky and had long enough arms to block his shot, so I screamed "No en mi casa!!" haha He didn't like that very much, so he steals a pass, and dribbles past the defense, kicks the ball up, spins it on his foot, and then boots it right between my legs hahahaha I was so so so embarrased!
So I don't know why they ever thought it was a good idea to coupe up a bunch of 18 year olds all day, Supply them with English to Spanish dictionaries, and then release them at night??!! hahaha It's been a ton of fun, but I don't know if I'm ever going to use the term 'Flatulencia Machina' on my mission?! hahaha There have been endless pranks as well. Me and this other Elder convinced everyone that one of the guys in our district was going to be transferred to serve a mission in Connecticut! haha We've hid alarm clocks in the ceiling to go off at 3 in the morning, and gone mattress surfing down the stairs! hahaha Every Monday night, we have wresting matches in our room. That was one the the highlights of my week! Except that it stunk so bad after haha I could hardly sleep!
So this Saturday, We get to go Proselyting in Buenos Aires! we get dropped off into a neighborhood with our companionship, and go knock on doors and talk to people for 5 hours! At first when I heard we had to go do this, I was freaking out! haha I had no idea how to say anything in Spanish. But now I'm actually really excited! Even though I understand literally nothing, I get to go out and spread the gospel. I'm so excited!!
So this whole time, I have been a little sick. Nothing too bad, just a cough and a sore throat! But all yesterday, I had a terrible fever! I couldn't get to bed or anything! I was laying there, feeling jsut super miserable, so I asked my roommates if they would give me a priesthood blessing. They did, and I instantly felt so much better afterwards!! Even now, I feel amazing. The priesthood power is so real, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to be a part of that amazing experience!!
Thanks you again, I love you all! Sorry again for no pictures, my camera isn't letting me upload them. One day I will get some up! Love you guys
Elder Horton

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