Thursday, September 18, 2014

"The streets of Argentina.." Received September 18, 2014

Wow. Thanks for all the letters of support and updating me on your lives! I love reading about you guys.
So this past Saturday, we went proselyting! They picked us up at about noon in a bus, and we headed on the freeway, off into the middle of Buenos Aires. It was so crazy! I haven't ever been so nervous, because everything here is so different! I mean, you hear about other countries being different, but you don't actually realize how different they are until you drive on their roads, and walk through their city! First off, there are no traffic laws here. We pulled onto the freeway, and swerved our way down the highway, dodging cars and splitting the smallest gap in a giant bus. Kind of like that midnight bus in Harry Potter, except more dangerous because this was real life! haha We saw a horse pulling a wagon filled with hay on the frewway. ON THE FREEWAY! haha But the poverty you saw as we drove was incredible. There were armored vehicles with military personnel everywhere, and it look like there was an earthwquake or natural disaster, and the people had just taken the rubble from the building, stacked them, and make make-shift homes out of whatever they could find! But luckily, we drove into a nicer part of town, where they pulled over and booted us out. I was so nervous! I mean, I knew the most spanish in my companionship, and when it comes down to it I know next to nothing! They gave us a map, and an area where we should Proselyte, and we headed off. Aproaching random people, all dressed up in nice clothes was so weird haha We got some weird stares! And after freaking a few old ladies out by attempting to ask them if we could help them with their groceries, we gave up and just walked around town for about an hour, too scared and timid to talk to anyone! hahaha I knew we needed to talk to someone, so the first people we saw after we turned the next corner, I promised myself we would go talk to them. SOoooo we turned the corner, and saw a young couple trying to haul a mattress up onto the second story off their house, onto their patio. Perfect! haha We went over and asked them if they needed help, and turns out it does take more than two people to get a matress onto the second story of their building! So, we struggled to communicate with them, but when they asked us where we were from, and then when we said from the US, the husband started talking in perfect English! hahaha It was such a miracle. We were then able to explain why we are out walking aroung trying to teach the gospel. He wanted to know more! So he invited us inside, and we were able to give the entire first lesson on the Restoration. About halfway through the lesson, we asked him if he had a religion. he stopped us, said 'thanks for coming guys, I'm catholic'... My heart stopped! BUT then he said 'Thanks for coming, I would love to learn more! Were can I get this book?! There is so much violence and hate in this world, and no one wants to talk about God, because sometimes it feels like he doesn't exist...' We bore our testimonies about how it truly can bless your life, and he was SO interested in everything we had to say! We are going back this Saturday to give him another lesson. He prayed at the end, and said he would be able to go to church next Sunday with the actual missionaries haha His wife was equally as interested! I could't believe that we ran into someone who actually spoke fluent English in the middle of BA, and that were so curious about our gospel. The lord truly prepared him, and us to meet with him that day! A quote I heart yesterday from Elder Scott was 'To achieve thins never before attained, one must do things never before done' How true that is!! We were able to share the message that day, only because we were obedient and courageous enough to walk around and share the message of the gospel with random people in a language that we didn't even know. I can't wait to have even more experiences like this one, because I know that the Lord will place in my path, and you paths, oportunities to spread to glorious gospel message. Thanks for all of the support! I love you guys with all my heart.
Other than proselyting, the MTC has been business as usual! It's a ton of work, and the days go by slow, but the weeks are flying by. Yesterday I woke up with a snail on my face (Thanks to the roommates, and I also got my alarm clock chucked out a window, because we hid it in someones ceiling and set it for 2 in the morning. Yeahhhhhh so I'm in need of a new one! haha Eh I will figure it out eventually. Thanks again! Lemme know if the pics worked
Elder Horton

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