Thursday, September 18, 2014

First Letter...

Hey everyone! Wow. This week has been so crazy haha I don´t even know where to start! I miss everyone all so much, I can tell you that! I will just have to start from the beginning I guess ha

So the flight was terrible haha My body was not made to fit in such a small area! But it was nice, because right after I went through security, I found a ton of missionaries going to the exact same mission and MTC. I started talking with them, and it really helped me calm my nerves! I was seriously so nervous to leave. I especially was able to bond well with a few Elders, and that was really a good time. A kid named Elder Brumble and I stuck together for the layover in Altanta, and we walked around and joked for like 4 hours haha He is way hilarious, and he looks like he is only like 15 years old! When we went to go get food, we went to Popeyes, and all the African American workers saw us all dressed up in suits and started cracking up so hard! hahaha I was so embarrased. So I had a pretty close call in the Atlanta airport trying to get my boarding pass. About fifteen minutes before my flight, I went up to the desk to get my boarding pass, when they siad they needed to see I had paid some sort of foregin fee that i needed to do to get into Argentina. I couldn't for my life, find that receipt I needed to show them! I started panicking so bad haha They took my little ticket, and said I Absolutely needed it to get on the plane. I went to find help at a customer service desk, and they completely blew me off! So I called church travel, and the put me on hold. I said the biggest most sincere prayer that I would make it on the plane with everyone else! The plane ended up getting delayed just before everyone was about to board, and about an hour later, the church was able to clear things up and get me on the plane with the other group (Group of about 30 others). The Lord answers prayers!

Argentina was so weird and crazy for me at first! Everything is just so different haha I swear there are no rules here! At first, I thought I accidentally was flown to Japan, because everyone's Spanish sounded nothing like what I learned in school! hahaha We loaded up a bus, and all drove to the CCM (MTC) where we had an orientation and got our badges. The CCM is quite small here, there is only about 90 Hermanas and Elders here, and it's the most they have ever had. The CCM is right next to the temple, I can look out and see it first thing in the morning, it's beautiful! The Natives here are so awesome. They speak wayyyyyy fast. I room with my two companions, (I'm in a trio) and two Native Speakers! They are way nice and funny, but it can get awkward because there isn't much to talk about when the only spanish you know has to do with the gospel haha Our teachers are way awesome as well! They are both less than a year of their missions, and one of them speaks perfect English, because she went to BYU, and the other has really broken English, and learned while in Columbia.

 I feel like I have been here forever! But not because I don't like it, but because I have already done so much. All 16 hours of my day are spent learning! I am so spent when it's time to sleep. Waking up hasn't been too bad. There have been a few days where I just can't get myself up, but it's important to get up early in order to get a warm shower, so I have some motivation haha The water is always freezing after about 6:45! The first few days I was here were pretty tough. I had a ton of culture shock, because the teachers aren't allowed to speak English! (Though they break that every once in a while) I puched through, however. This Sunday was much needed! It helped me to strengthen my testimony about my mission, and that what I'm doing right now is vital, in order to prepare the world for the second coming.

Between all the hard work and practice, we always have a ton of fun! We've pulled all sorts of pranks, and I have had a ton of fun times with the Elders here. For Fisical Actividad, I always play soccer with the Latinos! They are so amazing haha I am super jealous of their crazy good soccer skills!! They kick my butt every time haha The only thing I am good at is corner kicks, because they can just kick it right to me, so I can head it in, since I'm twice as tall as all of them! haha My companions have been a good time too. They are both pretty quiet, but when Elder Hansen talks, he says the funniest things! I have really learned well how to deal with stress here. At first, I was super stressed out about learning a new language, and a new culture and EVERYTHING! Dealing with stress requires balance though. You have to laugh every once in a while! I have also found that exercisizing really helps as well. 

My Spanish is muy mal, but I work super hard every day to try to make it better! I study every chance I get. I don't think I've ever wanted something so bad in my life! I have worked harder in this past week than I have my entire HIgh School career hahaha 

I wish I had time to tell you more, but it will have to wait until next P-Day! I love you guys, thanks for those who wrote me, I only have time to print them out to read later! The church is true, see you in two!

Elder Horton

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