Sunday, March 6, 2016

La Familia Baez

The Baez Family have been investigadors since the beginning of February, when we contacted them will they were sitting outside playing with their two daughters, one that is 9 years old, and the other is 4. Since we have found them, until now they have undergone SUCH a miraculous change, a chagne that could only be made through the holy ghost upon those who are willing to be humble and repent. They are getting married and baptised this Saturday! Let me explain...

So the dad of the family is going to be a future leader in the church. something that is needed so badly here in Caacupe. He has changed the most of his family. He knows how to read, but not well enough to read out loud, and never finished his basic schooling (stopped when he was 14) and was raised in a christian, not catholic home. (Which has helped him be a lot more receptive to the message). He works in his own Jewelry, but still lives very humbly (In the garage of his sister) But since day one, he has absorbed everything we have taught him, and the spirit has driven the message so deeply into his heart. He has left friends to keep the word of wisdom, amongst other changes. Last friday, his wife told us that he woke up at 3:30 in the morning, and knelt down in prayer, asking God to forgive him for all his sins, and thanking him for sending his messangers (us) to his house. He was able to explain the plan of salvacion, something that a lot of missionaries can't even do very well, after reading the pamphlet once. He. Is. The. Man.
And then there is his wife Luz. She is the one that has had all the doubts... from Joseph Smith to Tithing, but is still willing to understand. It more than anything has been the change that she has seen in her husband that gives here desires to repent, and put her life in orden with the commandments of God. She has also had the most opposicion... Her family basically is going to disown her for taking this decision. But it's been so inspiring watching her take ever step of faith... And all the opposition she is seeing now will only strengthen her in the future. She also had a dream almost identical to Lehi's dream.
I love them so much... I can't wait to watch them get baptised this week, and here in one year enter into the temple to get sealed. ANOTHER WEDDING WOOHOOOOOO

Elder Horton

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