Monday, February 1, 2016


President thinks he's soooo funny always putting me with the short Peruvians! lol
He must be Peruvian


I am in love with this area. I have been having so much fun! haha I have never worked so ahrd in my whole life.

We had ourselves a Zone Training this week, which we were in charge of giving. It went really well. Honestly our Zone is really struggling as far as retention for the new converts go, so we had a discussion about how we can better do that. The spirit was there, and I really feel like it helped out

We have a Burger King like 2 blocks from our house. I still don't understand why they put one here, because it's jsut a small catholic town in the middle of a jungle in Paraguay, but I am not complaining one bit ha

We have been doing divisions all week with the Elders from our Zone, and I had the pleasure to go to an area called 'Arroyos y Esteros' or translated meaning 'Rivers and Streams'. Now THAT is a small town in the middle of nowhere. It's about a 2 hour bus ride area, and literally only potato farmers live there, and everyone speak guarani. Hardly any spanish! But I got to practice my Guarani a bit so that was fun

So me and my comp live with two other Elders, and basically it's a party every night when we get back to the apartment at night. Yeah. We have a hard time getting to bed on time. hahaha

I am just so happy here in the mission... I know what we are doing is the owrk of the Lord, and I feel him guide me from the moment we step out the door every day to new people to teach, and help come closer to Christ. My scripture of the week: D and C 64: 33-34

Love you guys!

Elder Horton

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