Tuesday, February 9, 2016


So.... this week we went in search of the indian tribe.

Okay, so we headed off at 9.30 and took an hour and a half bus ride which took us through open plains, and thick jungle, crossing rivers and heards of cattle. We were told by the missionaries that there was a Pueblo... like a group of people who lived in a little town, like REALLY little town called Aguaity. We hopped off the bus with an unbreakable faith that we would find someone that would be willing to progress, with nothing more than a bag full of BOM´s... Feeling completely lost... haha We were the second missionaries ever to reach this city. Trying to communicate with the people there was near impossible, because EVERYBODY speaks pure Guarani. (Which sounds like someone speaking chinese with a bloody nose) hahaha It would be more funny if you could hear it

So I guess it's not really an indian tribe... It's more civilized than I'm making it sound! They live in normalish houses. (Little shacks) and everybody makes adobe brick for a living, and they have motorcycles, and some have cars and stuff. But like... where do you start in a situation like this? We decided to ask around for someone who spoke spanish so we could communicate easier ha And a guy gave us a reference for a lady who lived in a nicer house out side of a soccer field. We went to check it out... And turns out that the lady who lived there was a member of the church!!! hahaha She let us in with open arms, sat us down and made us lunch haha And then told us her story...

So she had dreamed for years of owning her own house... And having lived in this small group of Guarani all her life, she decided the best option for her would be to move to Spain to find a stable job (where she learned spanish) with all her family. In Spain, she met the missionaries and got baptised with her kids, and then moved back to Paraguay 9 years later (She was active for those 9 years) and decided to move back to her Pueblo and build a house. SO she is now inactive and lives a mere 5 miles from a church building (In a neighboring city). Now she just has to go to church again, and she can bring all her fmaily and relatives that live with her :) M I R A C L E

She then left with us to do visits, and bore her testimony and translated for us for all of here neighbors and friends. It's a bummer it's so far away, or else we would go there every day. We can only make it there Fridays, since it's one of the only days the busses go out to this town.

This week we have a wedding!!!!! YEAHHHH the branch president's brother (age 28) is going to get married and his wife (age 16) is going to get baptized!!! I know that it sounds a bit strange, but it's so normal here haha And they already have a kid soooo.... B A U T I S M O

I. Love. The. Mission.

And I love you guys too!

Elder Horton

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