Monday, October 12, 2015

Woops no hay tiempo

This week has been so insane. Long story short, we lost our keys to our house, hitchhiked to the city to get them at about 11 oclock at night (Left them in the house of other Elders), I was sick for two days, probably the most sick I have been in all my mission, and had my first baptismal interview with a murderer. Turns out the guy had killed someone!! I had to call directly the president of the mission, and then return to the interview to get more details of what happened exactly, how long ago and everything. He had killed someone 24 years ago, and served 5 years and 6 months in prison (The time one serves here for killing someone) But other than that, didn't want to tell me any of the details, so I imagine it was pretty horifying ha We have to send in a letter to the first presidency to see what this guy has to do to get baptised! Usually about a year straight of church attendance without missing. We finished his interview at about 9:30, and ended up having to just spend the night in that city we were in (About 30 minutes bus ride away from our house) There wasn't any room to sleep, so we had to put thier 2 beds together and sleep nice and cuddled up ha Needledd to say I need a nap today ha

Love you guys all! Have a fantastic week

Elder Horton

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