Monday, October 26, 2015

Vaca Acanguay (Cow Head Bone)

This was the highlight of my week for sure: Showing up to lunch on Saturday and seeing a Cow Head on the grill. I thought they were kidding, but turns out that legit was our lunch. I had the pleasure of eating the: Lips, Tongue (Actually not too bad), and a little piece of the brain! (That one was tough going down) hahaha Delicious

Milking a goat was a lot of fun. Drinking the milk I had jsut taken out of it not too much

Just read my email from the mission president! Annndddd I have permission to go with the Family Jara to the temple!!!! YEAHHHHHH Temple trip

This week was an awesome week. Lot's of teahcing, and finding great investigators. We had some extremely spiritual lessons yesterday with a less active family (Who were once temple workers) and then with the neighbor of a member who is looking desperately for a church to join. We based both lessons on the proclamation to the world about the Family. We just read it, and let the spirit take over. Both the less active family and investigator ended up tearing or crying in the lesson, you could really see that they had desires to change and come unto christ

Coca Cola is doing a promo where if you bring in 5 green bottle tops and a coca cola 1 and a half liter bottle, you get a coke for free. We have been searching all week long for green bottal tops, and we havwe amassed quite a collection. We even turned it into a game! If you find a bottle top, you ahve to contact the first person you see haha It's been a week filled with talking to a bunch of random people it's been so much fun. haven't found anybody too great yet, but I still ahve the hope that we will ha

Love you guys, have a great Halloween!

Elder Horton

It's raining today, but just yesterday it was 111 degrees! Oh Paraguay...


  1. I'd never thought I'd see the day that missionaries would be wearing name tags in the Guarani dialect.

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