Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rain Rain Go Away

Jello Pudding Yeahhh!

The Comp. Elder Cronin
Breakfast Burrito

Another great week here in Paraguay :) haha It rained a whole lot! Almost every day. It's gettin ginto the winter season here in Parguay, which is a bit different that back home. Turns out, it actually does is cold ha It's supposed to his (The Cold) this month and next month! This week, we spent a few days 100% soaked, walking around for miles, knocking, well clapping, at peoples houses. Even with the members, it's hard to get in and teach them when it rains! ha We had a few miracles this week in church. Two people were brought to church by a few members, and we didn't know either of them before Sunday in church haha And they both want to get baptised too! Which. Is. So. Awesome. Especially after walking around in the rain for a few days! ha We have one investigator, Augusto, who is gonna get baptised this Saturday. He seperated from his girlfriend, who he was living with, to do it! HE is like 40 years old, and sells "Chipa", a paraguayan donut thing (Made with corn and pìg fat) for a living on his motorcycle. He is way cool haha And he quit smoking too! Way cool to see the changes he has made in his life, because of Jesus, and his Atonement for us. My comp is so awesome too. I seriously feel so blessed that I get to be with him! haha HE is not afraid to lay down the law either. We went to help some people attend church on Sunday, and they didn't want to leave their house and come with us. He shared a few powerful scriptures with them.... haha Check out Heleman 13, the last for verses haha Anyways sorry for the unorganized letter. A thought to finish: Had interviews with the mission president this week! I asked him what it means to be a successful missionary, and he told me that " A successful missionary is someone who, after his mission, always puts God above everything else in his life" Really made me think differently on everything, and all the habits I make here on the mission. Anyways, love you guys! Thanks for the awesome support and encouragement!

Elder Horton

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