Monday, February 16, 2015


First transfer annnddddd.... I am 10 minutes away from my old area! Yayyyyyyyyyyy hahaha It's actually way different though. the new comp is American... Which means I can finally speak English, and have a decent conversation about something other than soccer YEAHHHHHH haha (God Bless America) We have also been making some sweet american style pancakes about every chance we get. The members here are so much better! haha My last area was TOUGH. But we have lunch with member almost every day. Usuallyyyyy eating tortillas with noodles or rice. Not bad! We've got some nice baptisms lined up this month, starting this Saturday, with a girl names Maitei (Which means 'Welcome' in Guarani). She is 12, and super capa! I mean cool ha We had 7 investigators at church this week, 2 of them were invited by memers to come. the work here is really great here in Posta Leiva! I'm still in a branch, but it's part of a stake. My other area was a branch as well, but part of a district! We have an attendance in church every week of about 90 people. I've also been able to meet up with a few converts and friends from Ita! haha Since it's super close, they were able to stop by and pay me a visit. It's been a lot more work here, which I have really enjoyed. Peruvians have a tendancy to get a little lazy... ha But we have been killin it these past few days. We live in a house with jsut me and my comp. It's a little older, and has a bit of a lizard infestation, but it'll do. We are in a district and zone with ALL Elders too, so that's gonna be a blast. the majority of Elders here are american too, so word I'm stoked. 

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